We run a range of programs that support our community members to thrive as our true selves.

From funding grants, to support groups, up-skilling, gender affirmation guidance, and so much more, our offerings are designed to help trans and gender diverse individuals live full and loving lives.

We provide crucial financial assistance to community members running peer support programs that provide skills development, resources, and increase community connection.
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Support Groups
Our support groups allow trans and gender diverse people to connect, share experiences, and support each other in safer spaces.
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Employment Skills
Our Employment and Resilience Skills program provides trans and gender diverse individuals with the practical skills, emotional support and TGD-friendly employer connections that they need to help them find employment.
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Change of ID Support Services
We provide a range of services to support trans and gender diverse community members to change the name and/or gender marker on their ID documents. These services include 'how-to' guides, workshops, and financial support.
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Our workshops provide a range of different supports for community members by allowing for self-connection through somatic experiences.
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Makers & Creatives
Our Trans Makers program platforms trans and gender diverse art in mainstream spaces, while supporting the financial resilience of artists and makers from our community.
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Youth Programs
Our youth programs build the skills and leadership of young trans and gender diverse people, and support them through their gender affirmation journeys.