Peer Navigation

Are you seeking understanding, support, and a confidential space to navigate your gender journey? Transgender Victoria offers free and confidential Peer Navigation sessions for anyone wanting to explore their gender identity in a safe and supportive setting.

"Someone to talk to"

“Doing peer navigation with Keri has been so helpful for me on my gender journey. I'd recommend peer navigation to anyone who is questioning their gender and just needs someone to talk to"

- anonymous, aged 28, genderqueer

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Helping you navigate your gender journey

We believe that the best people to provide guidance are those who have walked similar pathways. That's why all of our peer navigators are trans or nonbinary.

Peer navigators can help you understand service options and answer your questions in practical, easy-to-understand ways. Our shared experiences and genuine support are designed to help you on your gender journey.

“I was feeling apprehensive before the session with Keri but when she introduced herself and the space, I felt very safe and it felt really easy to open up about my struggles and experiences...

I felt like I was talking to a friend who understood what it was like to not fit in society's gender norms.

It was amazing being able to voice some of my thoughts I didn't even know I subconsciously held. I would most definitely recommend reaching out regardless of where you are at on your journey!”

- anonymous, aged 20, nonbinary

Free and confidential support

Peer Navigation is a free and confidential service designed to help support transgender, nonbinary and gender questioning people. If you are over the age of 15, you aren’t required to be accompanied by an adult. Any interaction with our peer navigator is kept private and confidential.

How to book:

1. Fill out the form

When you’re ready, click here to fill out the initial intake form. Everything is kept confidential.

2. We'll email/text you

Once we receive your enquiry form, someone from our team will reach out via email or text to ask a few more questions and lock in your first session.

3. Meet your Navigator

Start your journey with a 45-minute onboarding session, tailored to your comfort. Virtual or face-to-face – the choice is yours.

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Your gender, your way.
At Transgender Victoria we celebrate the diversity of gender experiences. Whether you're questioning, settled, or anywhere in between, our peer navigators are here to accompany you on your unique path.
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