Trans and Gender Diverse Peer Support Project

Supporting growth and sustainability of trans and gender diverse peer support across Victoria. Supported by the Victorian Government.

Trans Peer Support Packages - Frequently Asked Questions

What is peer support?

Often, the term ‘peer support’ is used to refer to mental health services provided by an individual of a shared identity. In the TGV context, peer support is the sharing of skills or experiences in an environment which is led by fellow trans and gender diverse individuals/organisations.    

What makes a program peer support?

A peer support program is one that not only provides supportive programming for folks, but empowers others to take a similar journey. Peer support programs are expected to document the processes involved in getting their program up and running, and provide mentorship opportunities where possible.

What kinds of projects have been funded previously?

Previously supported programs include a wide range of activities including writing circles, arts workshops, physical health activities, providing free access to binders, podcasts, support groups, practical tool skills workshops, and more.

How much support is available?

Level 1 packages are $1800 (for seed or grassroots programs) while Level 2 packages are $7500 (for programs that are larger, collaborative, sustainable or scaleable). Please note that ‘support’ includes help in the form of networks, promotion, resources, and training as well as budget.

Who can apply?

Anyone with an idea of how to support trans and gender diverse communities is encouraged to apply for a support package. Previous recipients of SPIIBI funding are able to apply. Please note- Trans Peer Support Packages are intended to support trans and gender diverse community members. We understand that sometimes organisations leading these activities may not be trans and/or gender diverse led, however support packages are able to support the trans and gender diverse participants of funded programs.

What is the timeline for 2022 Trans Peer Support Packages?

Applications open- October 13, 2022

Applications close- November 24, 2022

Selection committee deliberation- November 25, 2022

Successful applicants notified- end of November, 2022

Unsuccessful applicants notified- early December, 2022

Programs commence from- January, 2023

Midway report by- May 2023

Final report - November 2023

Will there be another round of funding?

There will be a further round of funding available, with applications opening in mid-2023.

Who is on the Application Selection Committee?

Our application selection committee will consider this round of Peer Support applications only. They are members of trans and gender diverse communities representing many intersections of identities, prioritising multiply marginalised groups.For privacy reasons, the names of the committee members will not be made publicly available. The selection committee is separate from the Steering Committee.

What is the purpose of the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee supports overall design and delivery of this second iteration of the Peer Support Program. It is the liaison point between the program partners including TGV, the Victorian State Government, and trans and gender diverse communities. This remit extends beyond these Peer Support Packages to include training, events, and ideas for uplifting and resourcing trans and gender diverse communities. A report on the first iteration which ran from 2018-2021 is available here .

Where is the funding for the Trans Peer Support Grants coming from?

The funding for the Peer Support Program is provided as part of the Victorian Government’s LGBTIQ+ strategy to drive equality for LGBTIQ+ communities.

My program can’t be feasibly managed with the maximum grant amount, but it’s peer support related. Are there any other options for me?

If you have a great idea for a peer support program that may require more than the maximum limit of the Peer Support grant, get in touch with us at to discuss possible options for finding additional funding.

I’m interested in applying for a support package but don’t have previous experience managing program finances? Is there support available?

“In a funding context, an auspice is an organisation who manages grant funding on your behalf. For example, a small community group with limited resources may use a larger Not-for-Profit Organisation as their auspice. The larger NFP will receive and manage the grant funding, with the community group undertaking the actual project work.” - The Grants Hub

Auspicing is a great option for anyone who would like additional support in managing their funding. While TGV is unable to auspice applicants, we can assist applicants in finding a suitable auspice arrangement. Additionally, TGV is able to offer training to support package recipients to assist in their budget management.

I have a question that wasn’t answered, how can I contact TGV?

The answer to your question may be answered in the application form, so we encourage looking there as a first step. If your question still is unanswered, you can contact our team at

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