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Trans and Gender-diverse wellbeing is not up for debate

And gender affirmation is NOT ‘experimental treatment’...

Transgender Victoria  are pleased to see the announcement by NSW government of an inquiry into the delivery of gender affirming services by Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney. You can read about this here.

Monday night’s screening of ‘Four Corners’ explored the limited access to gender affirmation by young clients of Westmead, linked to the publication of some flawed research. 

While the program was compelling, we know many trans and gender diverse people will have found the content disturbing, reminding them both of their own struggles to find support, and the smoke screen ‘concerns’ and barriers to health care that veil many anti-trans discourses. 

The show featured many inspiring clinicians who gave insights into the comprehensive consultation and support processes that accompany a gender journey in best practice. For ‘balance’ it also featured some clinicians who deny young people agency in their own care and actively undermine a family's capacity to evaluate risks and benefits of all care pathways in partnership with their children. 

Giving air time to outlier ‘clinicians’ who spread falsehoods over the efficacy of gender affirmation, shifts focus from a far more serious problem - the consequences of NOT affirming young people as they explore pathways to becoming their most authentic and happy selves. 

We have an abundance of evidence, both Australian and international, accrued over many years that points to the negative impacts of stigma and discrimination, especially when perpetuated by health care providers. When health providers deny clients affirming care, they are neglecting their obligation to do no harm and their duty of care to prioritise a patient’s needs. 

Trans and gender diverse people, young and old, are over-represented in statistics on poor mental health, homelessness, access to education, un or underemployment, poverty etc. Most damning is the horrifying statistic that nearly 1 in every 2 trans or gender diverse people will have contemplated or attempted suicide at some point in their lives. 

This is not because there is something wrong with us. It is because we live in a world where our existence is up for debate. 

Should we exist or not? We DO exist - and have done for millenia across cultures globally. 

‘Balanced’ discussion should centre and amplify the voices of trans and gender diverse people who are most impacted by health services, good and bad - and consider the consequences for our communities when giving airtime to the harmful repetition of lies and bad research.

We send our love, affirmation and support to the families and friends of young trans people who have lost their lives, impacted by the culture wars that entangle them. We extend these warm tidings to trans and gender diverse people, young and old, who are still figuring themselves out and are in dire need of friendship and connection.  

If you have been impacted by ongoing attacks upon of our right to exist, and be happy and healthy - we invite you to join us at Transgender Victoria, as a member, a volunteer, or participant in our affirming social support groups, events, and activities.

We exist because you do.

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