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Submission on Religious Descrimination Bill Exposure Drafts

TGV, like many LGBTIQA+ focused organisations and diverse organisations generally is extremely concerned about the Religious Freedom (sic) Bills – Second Exposure Draft.

We believe that in the event these drafts were passed in their current form, there will be huge detriment to:
trans and gender diverse (TGD) people and LGBTIQA+ people;
those LGBTIQA+ people experiencing multi-faceted discrimination e.g. disabled people
people who are not LGBTIQA+ e.g. women, disabled people, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

Our submission is yet to be published; as per

“We [Attorney-General’s department] received 6,972 submissions, including a number of campaign-based submissions. We will publish submissions progressively over time, but note that given the volume received, not all submissions will be published.”

TGV’s submission is attached as part of this post and puts our concerns clearly. Thanks to TGV committee member Michelle McNamara for leading on this submission

We are concerned some people believe concerns raised by TGV and others are exaggerated. We make it clear that our concerns, shared by many others, are based on guidelines provided by the Attorney General.

TGV is working with other organisations in an effort to make sure these drafts never reach the floor of the houses of Parliament.

We urge people to contact their local member of the House of Representatives and all senators in their state or territory and politely request politicians voting against the bill. This includes any Liberal or National party federal politicians: they need to be made aware of the strong concerns. The ALP also needs to vote against the bill given numbers in the Senate.

We are pleased to see the wide range of opposition to the drafts from across society. All the same, every voice counts and the more voices, individual and organisation expressing concern, the more chance there is of stopping these drafts before they get any further.

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