Trans and Gender Diverse Peer Support Project

Supporting growth and sustainability of trans and gender diverse peer support across Victoria. Supported by the Victorian Government.

Project Funding Opportunities

When we meet

Online or in person

When we share our stories

Whether trauma or triumph

When we listen

We grow stronger together


The peer-support program got going with a collective trans and gender diverse community aspiration that emerged from the 2019 TransGathering:

We want all trans and gender diverse people in Victoria to feel a sense of belonging and safety in their communities and participate fully as a valued member of society.

From this inspiration, we developed a goal:

How can we feel brave, connected, and ready to empower one another?
With more Support Packages for Activities that Revitalise Kinship (SPARK) for trans and gender diverse community members across Victoria.

What is the TGV Peer-Support Program?

The peer support program is a collaboration between Transgender Victoria and the Department of Premier and Cabinet to celebrate, support and sustain informal and formal peer support within the trans and gender diverse community.

Throughout 2020, the SPARK pilot supported a range of peer-support activities and groups, with facilitation training, mentorship, technological infrastructure, administrative support, networking and advocacy. This helped over 40 trans and gender diverse-led groups connect online and face to face to share lived experiences, listen and support one another through our challenges, made additionally complicated by COVID-19 restrictions.

In 2021 we are launching SPARK II - more opportunities to secure $1500 plus support packages - so that we can show the world how trans and gender diverse peer-support makes us stronger. We are calling for interest via a simple online application process.


SPARK II                           $1500

BIG IDEAS           up to $10000


SPARK II                          May 21st

BIG IDEAS                       June 1st | contact

Selection Criteria

If you have ideas about how to support trans and gender diverse people and groups to:

     •   find connection, build confidence and learning through sharing our experiences

     •   develop reciprocal relationships of mutual aid within and beyond existing networks

     •   alignment with peer-support objectives (see our blog and existing projects here)

     •   be sustainable - with potential for ongoing impact beyond this funding

     •   offer mentorship, strategies for dealing with burn-out, succession planning

     •   run a program of activities in 2021, with capacity to share learnings with other trans and gender diverse groups          during and/or before the end of the year

If you have even a spark of an on how you can connect your peers via some fun or creative activities, or extend your peer group energy into new and related networks where we can listen and learn about our similarities AND difference then we want to hear from you!

In addition to SPARK II, we are supporting a limited number of larger-scale Big Ideas with up to $10,000
(further details below).

What We’re Looking For

At least 50% of funding for Big Ideas and SPARK II will be designated for projects led by Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, black and/or people of colour across Victoria. All projects will need to specify how they engage with and uplift marginalised trans and gender diverse people at our intersections.

We especially encourage projects that support urgent community priorities including but not limited to:

     •   disability (spanning physical disabilities, mental health, (in)visible and complex trauma needs)

     •   youth and families

     •   incarceration

     •   refugees, international students and non-citizens

     •   suicide prevention and post-vention

     •   regional isolation and connection

     •   sex-work and other stigmatised employment

Program Details

SPARK-funds can be used to pay for mentors, facilitators, guest experts, project organisers or cover the cost of things like:

     •   transport

     •   catering

     •   venue hire

     •   activity materials

     •   etc.

To be eligible, you will need to be able to run your program this year and report back on some of your learnings, with images, basic budget summary and brief narrative description, by October 2021.


Application is via a brief online form:

You will need to tell us how often, where, and why your group will meet as well as who your project will benefit.


If you have a ‘Big Idea’ outside the scope of $1500 or SPARK II, please get in touch with a peer-support team member to discuss your proposal. We will be supporting a small number of larger projects with up to $10K with plans to:

     •   collaborate across sectors or groups

     •   benefit a cross section of trans and gender diverse communities across our urgent priority areas (listed above)

     •   grow and thrive beyond this funding and beyond 2021

     •   share your tips and tricks with other peer-support projects

Need to know more?

We will be running a face to face and virtual Q&A event on Friday 30th April (details TBC) to support community networking and connection with peer-support staff.

Spark II Applications due - on or before Friday 21st May, 2021


Can I use the funding to pay myself a wage for my work?

We understand that someone needs to coordinate peer-support groups and events. However, it is important that the group is run in an equitable manner with resources shared as universally as possible. If you have a special skill that other members are learning from you, you can invoice the project up to $50 p/hour. Further details on how invoicing works will accompany a SPARK II orientation for successful projects in May 2021

What if I have an idea but no collaborators yet?

The Peer-Support program team can help you connect with like-minded people. We are also facilitating a Q&A networking event (details above) where previous SPARK recipients will profile their projects and staff will be available to discuss the development of your project. We encourage you to get in touch before the deadline so that we can help.

I applied previously, can I apply again?

If you’ve already facilitated a SPARK project you can apply to continue the work you started, or amplify the impact of your previous contribution. We ask that you share the strategies that worked (or failed) so that others can benefit from your experience.

I’m trans or gender diverse, but members of my group are LGBIQ+ and don’t identify as trans. Are we eligible?

If there are social or cultural reasons that the majority of your group do not identify as trans or gender-diverse, but your peer-support strategies prioritise inclusion of all of our diverse intersections, we would love to hear about your proposal. Get in touch!

Acknowledgement of Country

TGV operates across lands belonging to the Wurundjeri, Boonwurrung, Taungurong, Dja Dja Wurrung, and Wathaurung peoples of the Kulin Nation. Transgender Victoria pays its respects to Elders past, present, and emerging, and acknowledges that sovereignty has never been ceded.

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